• In the wake of a series of disastrous dating experiences, I found myself at a crossroads. Coming out of a 5-year relationship, one that was supposed to culminate in marriage, only to see it crumble, left me disillusioned and disheartened. It was a painful realization that hit me hard — I had been investing my time and emotions into something that ultimately didn't align with my vision of love and happiness. Those experiences led me on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. I knew I needed to confront the lingering trauma and insecurities that had dictated my choices in relationships. I was tired of letting my past dictate my present and future. I was determined to break free from the cycle and rewrite my narrative.

    However, getting back into the dating scene was far from easy. The landscape was unfamiliar, and trust issues loomed large. Each new encounter felt like a walk through a minefield, with my past trauma casting a shadow over every connection I tried to forge. It was rough, to say the least. Then came the spark of an idea that would change everything. I decided to channel my frustrations, my pain, and my newfound clarity into something meaningful. That's when "In Black Love We Trust" was born. A labor of love, it was my response to the turbulence I'd faced, and my way of helping others navigate the treacherous waters of modern dating.

    My goal was simple: to revolutionize how we approach dating and relationships, merging the richness of Black culture with a framework for healthy connections. I wanted to replace shallow conversations with deep, thought-provoking discussions that truly allow individuals to see each other's souls. I wanted to create a bridge between the past and the present, using our collective experiences as a foundation for building lasting, fulfilling relationships. Every detail of the "In Black Love We Trust: The card game" was carefully crafted, each question handpicked to spark meaningful conversations that would pave the way for real connections. From the culturally infused design to the carefully curated questions, every aspect was a reflection of my journey and my desire to change the dating narrative.

    So, as you hold these cards in your hands, remember that they carry not only my hopes and dreams but also my experiences, my struggles, and my triumphs. Let them be your guide as you embark on your own journey toward healthier, more authentic relationships. The road might be bumpy, but know that you're not alone — "In Black Love We Trust" is here to remind us all that despite the challenges, Black love is a powerful force that can overcome anything. Enjoy the conversations, cherish the connections, and watch as your dating experience transforms into something truly beautiful.

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